Endless Opportunities.

Our three portfolios were created so members would experience events catered to each element of UQ UNSA's aims. These portfolios go above and beyond to explore every corner of the modern international system to allow each member to pursue their interests in current affairs, policy, international relations, politics and peace and conflict studies in a way that best suits them.

Model United Nations


MiniMUNs (or Mini-Model United Nations) are designed to stimulate debate on a specific topic of international relevance by mirroring a real life United Nations Committee. Delegates negotiate and work together to reach consensus and build a resolution. Model UN is a great way to put theory into practice and to meet new people!

Crisis Councils

Delegates who partake in Crisis Councils work together to solve a particular crisis with international and political relevance. By engaging with scenarios which are meant to mimic real life events - such as our Senkaku Islands Crisis in 2016, and our NATO/Russia Crisis in 2015 - delegates will learn to work diplomatically under pressure to achieve their desired goals.


MUN can take you places. From Sydney to Melbourne, from Perth to Hong Kong, from Rome to Paris, being part of a Model UN Conference Delegation with UQ UNSA can really broaden your horizon. Make lifelong friends, travel Australia and the world and have fun doing it! Interested in being part of a delegation? Just get in contact with us.


Intro to the UN.

Ever wondered what the United Nations actually does? The Education Portfolio's flagship, annual event, Intro to the UN features an array of guest speakers all with real world experience in the international sphere.

Panel Discussions.

Want to hear from experts in a field with political/international relevance? UQ UNSA does, and so do our members. Past Panel Discussions on Climate Change, Refugee Crisis and Global Health have gone done a treat - what will be next?

Film Nights.

Classic movies and documentaries, all with an international or political focus? Perfect.

Relaxing and engaging at the same time, UQ UNSA will be screening a film to get you thinking sometime soon.


Launch Party - a dangerously diplomatic affair.

Look out for our welcome event of the year, mingle with like minded people from UQ and other universities and get ready for the year ahead!

International Relations Ball

Semester two features the high class International Relations ball, more info coming soon...

Global Experiences

Get closer to your dream international experience by attending UQUNSA's Global Experiences evening. Hear from a range of speakers in fields ranging from international relations, to policy as well as development practice as well as internship and overseas exchange providers.

Resume Workshops

Ever wanted to land your dream job, but feel your resume doesn't have enough credence or pizzaz? Our Careers team will be holding Resume Workshops during the year to help you out. They know what employers in our fields are looking for, so don't by shy and come along!